What are the advantages of seamless edge sealing technology?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-15
The traditional edge sealing technology is the use of linear edge banding machine and curve edge banding machine. With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the performance of edge banding machine, edge sealing technology promotes the continuous progress of edge sealing technology, seamless edge sealing technology is a relatively advanced edge sealing technology at present. What is seamless edge sealing technology? Seamless edge sealing technology uses a special edge banding, which has a two-layer structure, the surface is ordinary PP/ABS/PMMA edge banding, and the bottom layer is a special layer of functional polymer. Laser or hot air replaces the gluing device in the traditional edge sealing technology, melts the functional layer of the edge sealing belt, and combines the liquid functional layer with the plate to achieve strong adhesive strength, thus realizing seamless edge sealing. The edge banding machine will have the disadvantage of 'being afraid of cold' in use. When the edge banding machine is working, it is necessary to select some edge banding strips with good softness and edge sealing surface for net grain treatment and Hot Melt Adhesive with good condensation delay. The above methods are adopted, if it is still unable to maintain stable edge sealing and ensure product quality. Then only from the mechanical design to improve the use of edge banding machine performance, improve its 'cold' characteristics. 1. Heat and heat. The equipment above the edge banding machine is transported to the external heater, so that the edge banding is preheated and heated when passing through the belt feeding tissue, increasing the softness of the edge banding and reducing the thickness of the edge banding (3mm) The stress and tension ensure that the edge banding is glued under the condition of preheating and softening, so that the bonding between the furniture edge banding and the substrate is stronger. 2, baking pad heating. The heating plate or heating pipe of the equipment under the belt feeding tray can preheat the edge banding on the belt feeding tray. After the heated edge banding of the solid wood processing equipment is coated with the Hot Melt Adhesive, the cooling and condensing speed of the Hot Melt Adhesive is delayed. It is beneficial to chemical reaction and mechanical embedding in condensation process. 3, wood heating. Add heating equipment to the part where the wood edge is sealed through the magnetic positioning guide rail (Can be equipment heating pipe) The Magnetic positioning guide rail is preheated together when moving forward, so that when the edge banding coated with Hot Melt Adhesive is bonded with wood, the Hot Melt Adhesive and wood can fully blend and then stick to the board. If you want to seal the edge firmly and smoothly, closely fit the plate and the Edge Band, and the transition between the plate and the end face is smooth, it is difficult to guarantee by traditional edge sealing technology, and the biggest highlight of seamless edge sealing technology is that the edge sealing effect is excellent, and there is no clear boundary between edge banding and panels, instead, the appearance effect is integrated and the quality of edge sealing is closely combined. At present, the edge sealing technologies that can achieve such effects in the market are nothing more than laser edge sealing and hot air edge sealing.
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