What are the advantages of the numerical control woodworking lathe?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-18
Enterprises in order to increase the production efficiency of choosing nc lathe! Ordinary wood lathe was replaced by the CNC woodworking lathe, ordinary wood lathe why will be replaced? What is the advantage of numerical control woodworking lathe? And shandong antai numerical control co. , LTD. Small make up a minute! 1, numerical control woodworking lathe operation is convenient, simple programming, semi-automatic work method, improve the working efficiency! Performance is also stable work efficiency is higher! 2. After use, maintenance is simple, only need regular testing, in accordance with the instructions, there would be no problem commonly, repair rate is very low, long service life. 3. Are now adopting digital programming, the precision is very high, biaxial nc lathe can process two at the same time, single shaft can be mounted to the chuck, high efficiency, low energy consumption. We are shandong antai numerical control co. , LTD. , the latest research and development of numerical control woodworking lathe improve work efficiency, better to have a friend need please contact with us!
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