What are the blade saw more purposes

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
Introduce more saw the use: more pieces sawing hard, stable and durable, with high efficiency. At the same time, high precision cutting, slitting and neat, smooth section, cutting noise is small, the substrate deformation, cutting, long service life. Ultra-thin saw road, high wood utilization, sawdust quantity is little, promote environmental protection, high cost performance. Widely used in log processing, keel processing, furniture production and other industries, simple multichip saw can be installed 3 - in general 6 piece of saw blade, large blade saw even more can be installed more than 40, greatly improving the working efficiency. Multichip saw, saw blade is generally with a certain number of ventilation and thermal slot, or multiple blade design, to achieve better heat dissipation effect, make the clearance more smooth. Now all the use of multiple saw there is a certain understanding. A: operational considerations for the CNC cutting machine under a: do you know the storage requirements of emery cloth roll
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