What are the commonly used on numerical control woodworking lathe cutter types

by:Gewinn     2020-04-23
CNC milling cutter is an important part of numerical control woodworking lathe, it provides a great help for wood processing, in order to make better use of CNC milling cutter, today small make up you introduce several common milling cutter. 1, face milling cutter. Face milling cutter of the circumference of a circle on the surface and end face has a cutting edge, end cutting edge as a cutting edge. Face milling cutter is made more type insert structure for high speed steel or hard alloy blade material, the blade of 40 cr. 2, vertical milling cutter. Vertical milling cutter is one of the most commonly used on numerical control lathe cutter, it has a cutting edge on the cylindrical surface and end face, give priority to cutting edge cutting edges on the surface of the cylinder, on the face of a cutting edge to vice cutting edges. In order to increase the cutting stability of the numerical control lathe, the main cutting edges are generally helical teeth. 3, die cutter. Die cutter developed by the vertical milling cutter, can be divided into the conical end mill, cylinder of ball end mill and conical ball end mill 3 kinds. Its hilt has straight shank, made straight shank and Morse taper shank three types, it is the structure characteristics of ball head or face is full of a cutting edge, circular blade with ball head arc blade, radial and axial feed. Working parts of milling cutter with high speed steel or hard alloy manufacturing. Above is the three kinds of common on numerical control woodworking lathe cutter, hope to be of service.
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