What are the commonly used woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
Woodworking machinery is to point to in the wood processing, wood processing and processing of semi-finished products become wood of machine tools. Furniture machinery is an important part of woodworking machinery. Woodworking machine processing object is wood. Wood is a kind of raw material, found that use of early human and human's lives, the line, with has the close relation. Human beings in the long-term practice has accumulated rich experience in wood processing. Woodworking machine is through the long-term production practice, and constantly find, continuously explore and constantly creating and developing. Wood furniture is made of wooden materials. According to its structure can be divided into the frame type furniture and board two kinds big. Typical structure of mortise and tenon joint structure, frame type furniture materials for natural solid wood, timber, such as annatto furniture, bright type furniture, clear pattern furniture, solid wood eat desk and chair, etc. Typical refers to man-made board to board type furniture material, use the way such as fitting, round a tenon connection structure of furniture. 1 woodworking sawing machine and sport car woodworking sawing machine and 2 3 wood tenon machine, woodworking planer woodworking planer woodworking mortising machine, woodworking milling machine wood tenon machine 4 and multi-purpose woodworking lathe machine 5 wood processing equipment 6 a: furniture manufacturing machine purchase of second-hand woodworking machinery and matters needing attention next article: woodworking machinery safety technology
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