What are the factors that affect the edge sealing quality of woodworking furniture during the operation of solid wood processing equipment?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-11
The quality of edge sealing is affected by many factors, including equipment status, operation proficiency, raw material status, etc. Generally, the following aspects should be paid attention to: first, the moisture content of solid wood edge sealing materials should not be too high, should be stored in a cool and dry room, the substrate requires no dust, the best moisture content in 8- 10% second: due to the fast edge sealing speed, the adhesive should have good dispersibility and permeability to the substrate under low pressure, and must have good initial viscosity, under the action of short-term pressure, it should be glued instantly and bonded firmly. When using, pay attention to ensure that the temperature of Hot Melt Adhesive is within the normal temperature range, and the temperature that is too high for a long time will make the adhesive minute; Hot Melt Adhesive cannot reach good fluidity at low temperature, so it is necessary to master the data provided by suppliers when using it. Third: the indoor temperature during processing should not be too low, generally should be above 5 °C, especially when the edge banding is thick, the flexibility will be insufficient, to ensure the normal operation of the preheating device, if there is no preheating device, the edge banding belt can be softened by heating with an electric hair dryer, and this method is especially suitable for curve edge banding. There must be no wind in the processing workshop. Fourth: the quality of the edge banding affects the edge sealing effect. The Edge sealing of the product with good quality is tight, and the edge sealing of the product with poor quality is large, solid wood processing equipment has an obvious black line. When the machine is trimmed, it is easy to scrape marks on the surface. Seen from the cross section of the thick edge banding, the middle part of the gluing surface should be slightly concave than the two sides. The Edge sealing of the product sealed by this edge banding is relatively tight and has good effect. Fifth: for the manufacturers who use the non-front milling cutter device of the edge banding machine, the cutting quality of the semi-finished products to be sealed also affects the edge sealing effect. In order to prevent the product from bursting, the general manufacturer will use a notch saw when cutting (Commonly known as for small diameter) The best effect after cutting should be that small saw blade marks can be seen at the section but cannot be felt. When the small saw blade Mark is too deep to seal the edge, a black line and even a gap can be seen at the edge, which is too shallow and explosive. 1. Select high-quality steel to ensure that the hot pressing plate does not break, deform, wear, corrosion and stability. 2, Hot Press host structure design is reasonable, to ensure the stability of the fuselage, no noise, corrosion resistance has enough strength and rigidity. Ensure the convenience of installation, exchange and maintenance of other components. 3. The Hot Press adopts humanized design to ensure the safety of operators. Designers stand in the perspective of operators and think differently. Ensure that the operator can not be hurt by the hot press plate when using the hot press to stick on the surface. 4. However, the press adopts the latest technology to develop an oil pressure heat conduction oil furnace with fast heating, uniform heating, environmental protection and energy saving. Ensure that the hot pressing plate of the hot press is dry, leveled, and the color decorative wood chips are leveled and shaped, and the effect is remarkable.
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