What are the famous brands of automatic machinery country?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
What are the famous brands of automatic machinery country? The following is a fully automatic machine ten big brand list, comprehensive analysis of the automatic machinery brand well-knownness, the number of employees, the enterprise assets, can only be easy to find good quality automatic mechanical reference use. 1, Germany who, high-speed machinery can reach 80 m 2, German homag, global sales crown * 3, Italian SCM, machinery is very stable. 4, China machinery, mechanical properties of stable quality and reliable! As people on the hot pursuit of board type furniture, woodworking machinery and equipment is also growing. In 2019, the latest statistics woodworking machinery equipment 40% relative growth than in 2018, GDP growth in 2018 of 50 billion yuan. Fully automatic machine is very important in the field of furniture production and processing, good automatic machinery at least should have a stable machining quality and machining precision, and finishing automatic machinery well-known brands recommended above for reference to you!
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