What are the influencing factors on the quality of the sealing side

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
Sealing side of quality is affected by many factors, including mechanical equipment, operational proficiency, raw material conditions, such as general attention should be paid to the following aspects: 1, real wood sealing side, the moisture content of material not exorbitant, should be stored in a cool and dry room and base material requirements without dust, moisture content in 8 - best lO %; 2, due to the fast speed of edge banding, adhesive to have good dispersivity under low pressure and permeability of base material, use it to pay attention to ensure that the temperature of the hot melt adhesive in the normal temperature range; 3, hot melt adhesive glue amount should be slightly outside so that the agglutination component extruding glue, too big, there is a black line sealing side, affect beautiful, is too small, bonding strength is not enough; 4, processing when indoor temperature not too low. General should be above 15 degrees Celsius, especially when the thickness of edge banding, flexibility is insufficient; Article 5, sealing side affects the quality of the sealing side effect, good quality sealing sideband products from a tight sealing side, the poor quality of the sealing edge banding products sealing side crevice is larger, there is a obvious black line; 6, for the use of the excellent mechanical milling cutter device manufacturers, for sealing side cutting quality also affect the sealing side effect of semi-finished products; 7, due to slightly longer than the workpiece edge banding, when pressure is expected to roll down the part, edge banding to sealing sideband't a vertical to the direction of the force, at this time due to the glue is not completely cured, agglutination intensity is not high, the tail stick is not easy to loosen.
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