What are the key points of programming on nc woodworking lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
Numerical control woodworking lathe is different from ordinary biggest characteristic is to realize the numerical control lathe, its use is for woodworking industry has changed a lot, both in the processing efficiency and precision have obvious increase, the main implementation of these achievements is nc. This part in the numerical control programming is important to write the program affects the type and precision of machining, in some cases will directly affect its work. A good programming must know the matters needing attention. 1, numerical control woodworking lathe programming should consider when equipment used by the clamp and the size of the thimble, if the size is smaller than chuck wood size, in the program to set free a wood, in case of damaged tools in the processing course. 2, the parameters of the 'shape' must not be set wrong, otherwise the program will go wrong. And in addition to the 'column' and 'empty shift' curve, its 'size' and this paragraph is allowed before the period of the 'size' of values are equal, the rest of the curve, 'path' in this section is not equal to 'size' of the value in the former period, otherwise the program will automatically stop. 3, any real 'diameter' of values for 'zero', if the value is 0, then the system automatically determine to complete processing. 4, to accurately measure, in case the sample do not tally with the shape of workpiece. First paragraph 5, numerical control woodworking lathe programming must be as feed, equipment will not run this process. 6, the maximum diameter shall prevail, hard wood feed amount shall not exceed 15 mm, soft wood feed amount shall not exceed 20 mm, easy cause large amount of feed device shake or damaged parts. 7, if timber machining allowance is too big, can use hierarchical processing way. The above is for numerical control woodworking lathe programming process is very important to pay special attention to matters, so as to ensure its normal processing and use.
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