What are the numerical control woodworking lathe failure reasons

by:Gewinn     2020-03-26
Although numerical control woodworking lathe after perfection and improvement of science and technology, but in the use or hard to avoid can appear some fault, in fact, CNC woodworking lathe failure reason is nothing more than the points, so today we'll look in concrete. Fault one: in the numerical control woodworking lathe in use, a manual movement is normal, movement of automatic back to zero after a distance still, restart manually moving normal again. Numerical control lathe with economy, stepper motor, manual mobile, due to the slower moving normal automatic back to zero, fast moving distance is longer, appear mechanical stuck phenomenon. According to the fault analysis, mainly mechanical reasons. This kind of failure, often without notice in the repair, so we should pay attention to in the work, to avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon. Fault 2: FANUC SERIESO - TD system control of a CNC woodworking lathe, the system starts, stepper motor does not work, but the screen display position in change, and it says on the drive RDY green luminous tube. Through the analysis to find, is operating error, the system is working in a program test PRT way. Cancel the way, the fault elimination. Sometimes, the fault is caused by drive failure. Therefore, must be careful analysis, the correct treatment. Fault 3: after startup CNC woodworking lathe no display screen. In this failure of elimination, the first is to make the normal work of the screen. Sometimes just shows part of the reason. But in many times, may exist various faults. A FANUC SERIESO - TD system power switch on the operation panel has pressed, red and green light is bright, check the electrical cabinet switch and the main part without exception, all control circuit without problem, restart after shutdown, fault. After check, due to poor working conditions, machine tool field ground loosening, lead to static electricity and the failure. After connecting the ground wire to the MODE1 launch system in normal way. Fault 4: JBNC320B type teaching of numerical control woodworking lathe, in the process of thread cutting, thread disorderly buckle. Thought is the system software has a problem. Delete after the original software, reinstall the system, the system fault has not been eliminated. After analysis may be a mechanical failure, open the lid after the inspection found that the mechanical connection between the spindle and the spindle encoder is loose, after realigns fixed, fault elimination. Fault 5: in the numerical control equipment, no alarm is most of the machine tool error or size is not allowed. Such as numerical control woodworking lathe, the phenomenon of the big small in diameter direction. Of the cause of the malfunction, is generally screw and motor coupling structure of the frequency and the possibility of failure is different, after the failure phenomenon is also different, some size will only increase in negative directions, but the possibility of some of the positive and negative direction changes occur, according to the experience, the coupling between the elastic coupling, is basically a negative increase, and use the linkage between two fault happens. Fault 6: as a FANUC SERIESO - TD system control of numerical control woodworking lathe, regardless of the normal boot, the default data start or store data start, after power on, cannot appear normal operation screen display, analyze the cause of the problem is that the PLC user appear after downloading ECU has not been the PLC program by writing FLASH sram, ECU power outages, not by the method of power, start the PLC user program, you must use the PLC programming software of CPU RUN to start the download of the PLC user program makes the ECU. By changing the ECU module, the system is in normal. That is about the cause of the failure analysis of numerical control woodworking lathe all content, if there is a help to you, please continue to focus on our website.
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