What are the precautions for mechanical during use?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
What are the precautions for mechanical during use? Most of the time we don't have to understand when using mechanical matters need to pay attention to during using, when using mechanical will be affected by some lessons and must be punished, so you must do your homework before using machinery, know more about some matters need to be aware of, only in this way can better the use of machinery. So today we are speaking about mechanical what users need to pay attention to during using. Machine use the matters needing attention during the: 1, the first thing to pay attention to the power switch is to check equipment, whether where electricity connection is good, do some preparation before starting the work, check whether the glue amount within the capsule is enough, if not add, the official start of the trial run before operation. 2, when processing work, must be strictly through the long or loose clothes, do not wear gloves, if it is a long hair, it must be set up, avoid dangerous clothing, gloves, hair, etc. 3, mechanical checks before starting the security guard is reliable positioning, look for tools or foreign body parts placed, to ensure there is no sharp objects or other sundry, thus affecting the workpiece machining effect. 4, to push the wood need to be careful, the speed according to the mechanical speed, lest wood rebounding hurt people; In case of stuck in the operation of the machine, it must immediately stop, wait for after the machine stopped, in the process of machining, must do their own protection and attention. 5, to check whether the glue is glue jar is enough, enough to ensure that the gel, not enough appropriate when you need to add glue, usually the amount of glue to keep the glue tank below 1 centimeter advisable, not below the stiffener glue at the bottom of the tank. 6, when using the tool, do not use deformation or fracture of the cutting tool, before the operation, inspection surface is clean, whether can be saw activity, whether completely lock, tool running speed not more than a high speed. After 7, mechanical maintenance or repair, ensure that all safety devices or cover back, to start the machine. 8, the operator for things to must be turned off when you leave the job, put an end to mix in the operation, 9, mechanical operation anomalies, should immediately stop the professional repair, maintenance to ensure the supply disconnected. Above the mechanical considerations during use is each machinery users must want to know, pays attention to these points be fully understand, can better keep the machine running smoothly, and improve the work efficiency.
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