What are the problems to the test when buying second-hand woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-09-28
Several problems that should be tested when buying second-hand woodworking machinery is:

a, whether flat straight. Both horizontal and vertical direction is correct woodworking approach should be straight flat;

2, corner is accurate. The normal Angle is 90 degrees, except for special design factors.

3, spelling a flower is strict and accurate. The correct wood parquet, to do to each other without gap or keep distance.

4, arc and roundness is smooth, smooth. In addition to a single, more of the same model to ensure consistent shape. ( 5) Cabinet put oneself in another's cupboard door switch is normal. Cupboard door open, convenient operation, no different.

5, fixed the cabinet put oneself in another's position of wall department shall generally be no gap.

6, woodworking projects if there is a broken phenomenon. Should guarantee the woodworking projects surface level off, without the drum or broken.

7, symmetry, carpentry project is symmetrical.

eight nailhole have mended, decorative panel. , of course, this is the painter of live, but due to the exist in woodworking projects, so mention at this point.

9, smallpox horn line connection place whether smooth, with or without obvious lines and deformation.

10, whether the anchor line installed straight, accurate from the ground.

11, aluminous gusset plate, PVC gusset plate of the ceiling of the bathroom, kitchen part whether level off, without deformation phenomenon.
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