What are the solid wood processing equipment?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-07
Solid wood processing equipment solid wood furniture is still the mainstream product in the furniture industry, which can be described as enduring. The production process of solid wood furniture is complicated, the production efficiency of solid wood furniture is low, the labor cost is high, and the development speed is relatively slow. With the development of science and technology, solid wood production equipment is becoming more and more advanced, and solid wood furniture will be further developed. Research and development and application of numerical control technology in furniture production. It has promoted the development of full-automatic production equipment for solid wood furniture. At present, the numerical control equipment on the market includes: Numerical control solid wood cutting machine, solid wood door machine, solid wood door lock machine, solid wood five-axis engraving machine, solid wood mortise and tenon five-axis machining center, etc. Numerical control solid wood processing equipment is economical and applicable, simple to operate, high in processing efficiency and high in processing precision, which solves many difficulties in the production of solid wood furniture. Solid wood machine professional for heating using wood fuels special-shaped cutting. Solid wood board special-shaped cutting solid wood door machine is used for milling drilling of solid wood Assembly doors. Solid wood door machine solid wood door lock machine is used for solid wood door gauge and hinge hole and keyhole. Solid wood door lock machine solid wood five-axis engraving machine is used for special-shaped curved wood processing, engraving and milling. Five-axis solid-wood engraving machine solid wood mortise and tenon joint five-axis processing center for various mortise and tenon structure processing. The upgrading of the production equipment of the solid wood mortise and tenon structure furniture factory can reduce the number of professional carpenters and General Workers, reduce the labor force, and the factory gradually enters the production mode of mechanical automation.
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