What are the steps for preparing solid wood furniture?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-19
The production process of solid wood furniture is often more complicated than that of other types of furniture, and the steps and processes are more sophisticated and complicated. Then, let's introduce the steps of furniture preparation in detail: 1. Material selection: choose solid wood furniture to make wood. 2. Cutting Board: cut the whole solid wood into large boards or wooden strips for making furniture. 3. The board is dried, and the moisture content inside the wood is controlled at 8% ~ About 10%, if the wood is not dried, the moisture content is generally above 50%, and the wood that has not been dried is more likely to burst and deform. 4. Balance: Place the dried wood for several days to restore the natural balance of moisture inside the wood. 5. Material selection and ingredients: according to the different situations of furniture use, wood can be roughly divided into three types: exterior materials, interior materials and concealed materials, the materials used on the outer surface refer to those that people can directly contact, such as writing desks and large board tables. Internal materials refer to materials used inside solid wood furniture, such as drawers and bottom plates. The concealed materials refer to the materials of the relatively concealed parts of the furniture, such as the drawer guide rails and the lining strips. 6, rough planing, set the thickness of solid wood large board wool and planing the surface fine. 7, wind shear: large plate wool trimming length. The blanking needs to be lengthened by 20mm according to the required length. 8, trimming: The Big Board wool material can not be cut off. 9. Matching board: solid wood furniture is matched according to the texture and color of trees, and the width of solid wood large board needs to be reasonably added according to the required width. 10. Fixed width: use a saw to cut and set the width of solid wood large board Wood. 11. Panel assembly: use a panel assembly machine to assemble the previously sorted wood. During the panel assembly process, attention should be paid to the differences in thickness, length and color of the wood. 12. Four-sided shaping: according to the large board Wood or the required shape, the wood is shaved out. With everyone's attention to health and health, more and more people choose to buy solid wood furniture, but while solid wood furniture is favored for its high quality and low formaldehyde, solid wood preparation equipment many families are also worried about the maintenance of solid wood furniture, especially in dry winter, solid wood furniture is prone to cracking. So how on earth can we keep the equipment better and better in use? 1, furniture dust removal, solid wood furniture dust removal cleaning try to choose clean soft cotton cloth, wipe off the surface of floating dust, every once in a while, with wet cotton silk wring the moisture to clean the furniture corners of the dust, then use clean dry, soft and fine cotton cloth to absorb water. Be careful not to use tableware sponge or steel ball to clean the furniture, which will scratch the furniture surface and damage the furniture shape. 2. Decontamination of furniture. If there are stains such as oil stains on the furniture surface, it is recommended to dip a towel in 1:20 soapy water or furniture cleaner to wipe it, so as to remove stains and keep the furniture shiny, after wiping, use dry cotton cloth to absorb moisture on the surface of the furniture to avoid water vapor residue.
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