What are the types of trimming machines?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-14
Movable edge trimming machine: Structure: edge trimming machine is usually composed of motor, cutter head and protective cover with adjustable angle. Purpose: it is to use cutter head to edge the board, according to the shape of the cutter head, the edge of the wood board can be trimmed to the corresponding shape. It is usually used as a right angle to trim the rounded edge, and it is also used as a proper polishing operation for Wood. It is also widely applicable to the reinforcement of building beams, plates, columns, walls, etc. , decoration, wall installation, support, railings, billboards, air conditioning outdoor units, guide rails, satellite receiver elevators, steel structure factory buildings, etc. Use: Woodworking trimming machine can save manpower, use should pay attention to: 1. Before use, check whether each part is normal and pay attention to daily rest. 2. When using it, you should master it correctly by hand and move evenly along the workpiece. The speed should not be too fast. Should be operated according to the prior sideline, so as not to damage the object. 3. After use, the power supply should be cut off to remove dust. For the use and maintenance of woodworking trimming machines, you can constantly explore in practice, refer to the product instructions, or consult the craftsmen in the industry. The principle of the trimming machine is the same as that of the engraving machine. The motor rotates at high speed to drive the milling cutter to process the wood. However, due to the high power, the trimming machine must limit the movement of the machine through certain auxiliary tools such as guide rails or backers to better meet people's needs. The specific purpose is to trim the edges to make them neat and novel, and then to pull the groove and mortise. Others, with the help of the mold, can imitate various complex shapes, but this requires more complex auxiliary tools to complete, such as cutting out various circles, arcs, etc. Fixed trimming machine: it is generally used for metal strip trimming, which is to remove or chamfer the burrs on both sides of the strip with a fixed tool into the required Radian. Scope of Application: commonly used in tableware, stationery, hardware, sheet metal and other industries special equipment. Main function: used for grinding and polishing the two-sided angle of the tape, applicable materials: stainless steel, copper strip, aluminum strip and other metal coils. Advantages of the equipment: it has the characteristics of coarse grinding, fine grinding and polishing at one time. It is suitable for grinding inclined surfaces and straight edges of metal belts of different sizes and thicknesses. It is equipped with grinding wheels and spare grinding wheels. The grinding wheel has the advantages of long service life, regular forming and high efficiency.
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