What are the woodworking machinery machine inspection regulations

by:Gewinn     2020-05-02
1, mechanical installation should be solid, keep horizontal position; 2, the structure of the metal should not have open welding, crack; 3, institutions should be complete, parts should be complete, connection should be reliable; 4, appearance should be clean, there should be no oil dirties and obvious rust; 5, transmission system should be smooth operation, there should be no abnormal shock, vibration, crawling, channeling, noise, overtemperature and overpressure; Drive belt should be in good condition, should not be damaged, elastic should be moderately; Six, variable speed system shift should be freely, there should be no jumping gears; The gear speed should be normal; 7, a sensitive and reliable operating system should be configured action buttons, hand wheel, lever should be complete, the reaction should be sensitive. The instructions in the instrument data should be accurate; 8, the guide rail and working face should not be serious wear, bruised, deformation; 9, cutting tool installation should be solid, positioning should be accurate and effective; 10, dust device should be in good condition, work should be reliable.
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