What are woodworking machinery safety operation requirements

by:Gewinn     2020-09-27
Safety is our eternal theme, in order to ensure that our life safety, the second-hand woodworking machinery Lin suggested to understand better before operating woodworking machinery safety operation before the operation safety of woodworking machinery operation requirements
1, wear good clothes and good hair cap, wear safety shoes, wear the necessary labor protection articles, such as dust masks, goggles, ear protector.
2, check the work environment, the ground to be smooth and clean, neatly stacked wood, not on the walkway. Illuminance in the workplace should comply with the design requirements.
3, check the sharp knives, have without gap, crack, or saw blade presence of dust adhesion, found the problem, handle in time.
4 to slowly inserted into the main shaft, cutter, turn the nut by hand, and then tightened with a wrench.
5, to the sliding parts and hand handle in the rotating mechanism such as bearings, gears, chain into appropriate oil, look for loose nut and screw everywhere.
6, identification of stop position at the same time, to check whether the fixation.
7, check whether the v belt is damaged, the guard is damaged, whether the set screw is loose.
8, check whether there is any abnormal on safety device, can confirm the brake brake within 10 s.
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