What equipment is needed to make solid wood furniture?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-18
First of all, I would like to share with you what equipment is needed to compare the original solid wood furniture factory: push table saw, edge banding machine, cold press, Hot Press, multi-row drill, glue coating machine, band saw, Sander, drying room, panel machine, paint HD spray room. Now furniture is mostly panel furniture. Everyone knows that the processing equipment of panel furniture includes numerical control cutting machine, numerical control engraving machine, laser side drilling, full-automatic edge banding machine, full-automatic Sander, full-automatic laminating machine, etc. The production process of solid wood furniture is: sawn timber-Sawn timber drying-Ingredients-Wool processing-Glue or bend-Net Material Processing-Component Assembly-Parts processing and trimming-Finishing-Inspection-Assembly-Packaging. In this process, wool processing requires planing and cutting. Net Material processing requires tenoning machine, drilling machine, drilling machine, engraving machine, milling machine and Sander. The four-sided planing is shaped and the four-sided planing is used to process the plate. The four-sided planing can process and shape the plate. After the wood is processed by the four-sided planing, the surface is smooth, smooth and consistent, and the width and thickness are the net size. Saw cutting, then the plate should be fixed in length and cut in precision. During the processing, there should be no stubble, blackening and internal crack, and the error of length and width should not exceed 0. 3mm, diagonal length difference below 1 m ≤ 0. 5mm, more than 1m plate should be less than or equal to 1mm. The four-in-one solid wood door panels are all spliced with mortise and tenon structure. It is necessary to open the door frame and mill the transverse frame of the door panel. Milling type, General manufacturers usually use a single vertical shaft milling machine for milling type, the milling type of door frame and door core can be completed on this, when the solid wood processing equipment processes the door frame with Radian, you also need to use the mold to help finalize. Sanding the groove inside the door frame to prevent stubble collapse and burrs during milling, which will affect the adhesive and painting of the later core board assembly. For the processing of the door core board, firstly, the door core board is machined by milling sand with the door core. There are two milling cutters in front and two groups of grinding wheels in the back. The door core board is milled out of the edge type, and then the milling type is sanded, then it will automatically circle back along the track next to it and remill another surface. The door core board after milling needs to be sanded and chamfered. If your board uses solid wood board, the equipment needed to process solid wood furniture mainly includes: CNC cutting machine, CNC engraving machine, wooden Tenon machine or wooden Tenon processing center, painting, sanding machine, etc. If your material is made of logs, the equipment needed for processing solid wood furniture will be more: push table saw, puzzle machine, CNC cutting machine, CNC engraving machine, wooden Tenon machine or wooden Tenon processing center, Sander, painting, etc. In short, the processing technology and methods of solid wood furniture are quite different from the processing and production of panel furniture.
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