What is a second-hand woodworking machinery accident wear

by:Gewinn     2020-09-24
What is an accident of second-hand woodworking machinery wear

wear second-hand woodworking machinery accident, also known as wear and tear, accident is due to machine a zero, component cause rapid wear and affect the work of the whole machine, even lose the machine production capacity of wear and tear. Especially on the automatic line, due to the failure of one machine will affect all work. Violation of the rules of operating the machine, the machine work overload. No lubrication system. Such as the amount of oil lubrication system drying should be insufficient or no oil, improper selection and lubricant. Not in accordance with the provisions of technical requirements for repair. Such as repair, not in time in repairing parts improper material selection, the poor quality of the repair. The lack of the correct maintenance of the machine. If not for preview and execute the plan to repair in time, failed to timely cleaning machine, etc.
'accordingly, as long as we fully understand the causes of all kinds of wear, carefully prepared for maintenance and maintenance, strict enforcement of relevant rules and regulations, equipment accident wear can be reduced or avoided.
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