What is mortise machine woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-09-25
Woodworking machinery what is mortise machine

woodworking machinery processing on rectangular wood tenon chamfer or waist round mortise woodworking machine. Mortise machine have chain mortising machine, mortising machine and waist round mortise slot machine and so on several kinds. Chain mortising machinery motor through a gearbox and chain sprocket drive cutting ( With cutter tooth chain) On the tool post rotation, clamping on the workbench, wood processing cutting tool rest with the chain when dropped to a certain depth of the milling rectangular mortise. Long groove machining, a movable workbench, and decreased cutting chain for many times.

chain mortising machine production efficiency is higher, but the machining accuracy is not high, mostly for use in construction processing Windows mortise. Internal party mortising machine equipped with a bit of a hollow square chisel ( See the woodworking tools) Fixed on the tool carrier, bit edge slightly stretched out on the chisel edge. Processing, chisel and drill down together, bit rotation to drill a hole, the chisel round hole cut into square.

can be made according to the waist round tenon chamfer length spindle swing quickly. Clamping workpiece on the workbench as feed movement, can be out in one time specified length and depth of waist round mortise, it is mainly used for furniture industry.

the long groove machining movable worktable cutting several times repeatedly. Tool feed way such as manual, pneumatic or hydraulic drive. The mortise machine can processing hole and blind hole mortise, high machining accuracy, mostly used for furniture industry. Waist circular mortise machine cutter shaft by motor driven rotary motion.

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