What is the distinguishing feature of woodworking CNC lathe can bring us convenient?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-31
What is the distinguishing feature of woodworking CNC lathe, what can bring us convenient when processing, the characteristics of the concrete, the following detailed introduction for you. Speaking of numerical control woodworking lathe believe that everybody is very familiar with, it is commonly used in wood processing equipment, improve the machining efficiency for the enterprise, quality provides a great help. In order to make people better understand carpentry numerical control lathe, small make up today introduce the characteristics of woodworking CNC lathe. 1, the operating system is concise and friendly Chinese interface, convenient operation and simple 2, high machining accuracy, has the stable machining quality, surface processing quality is better than ordinary wood lathe, subsequent sand will greatly reduce the workload, can improve the work efficiency. 3, automatic tool change 4 station electric tool post; 4, the processing parts change, generally only need to change the CNC program, can save production preparation time; 5, high precision and rigidity of machine tool itself, can choose favorable processing amount, high productivity one 2 - operation 5 CNC lathes; Can save labor costs. 6, machine tool automation degree is high, can reduce labor intensity; 7, the operating personnel's quality request is not high, easy to programming, to learn and easy to use. 8, driving part adopts high precision servo motor drive system, the accurate positioning and ensure equipment is started up accurate motion. 9, driving part adopts the high quality precision ball screw, ensure the movement precision. 10, no mould, save the cost of the die and do time, shorten product development cycle. 11, the machine can automatic refueling, to reduce rail wear, improve the machining accuracy. Above is the characteristic of woodworking CNC lathe, the hope can help you.
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