What is the distinguishing feature of woodworking machinery what is woodworking milling machine

by:Gewinn     2020-09-26
Woodworking machinery what is what is the distinguishing feature of woodworking milling machine

woodworking milling machine

vertical uniaxial woodworking milling machine tool in out from fixed worktable vertical milling cutter shaft, cutter shaft can tilt and adjust up and down. Artifacts to fixed countertops and guide by the manual sent to, also can use the guide roller and forming side of form milling and milling fixture, but also the workpiece clamping in the activities of the worktable processing and end face.

block milling knife shaft installed in the front of cantilever, in vertical plane period can be a point of view. The cantilever can lift on the post. Clamping workpiece on the workbench, longitudinal, transverse and rotary feed. Wooden milling machine is mainly used in model processing.

ornamental engraving and milling machine tool spindle speed is high, Up to 20000 r/min) , artifacts, and modeling ( See profiling machine) Overlap fixed on the clamp plate. Modeling to move or moves around the center of the workbench positioning pin, milling cutter is on the parts of the corresponding shape. Worktable can lift and tilt forward.

since the 1970 s, nc ( See digital control machine tools) Main ornamental engraving and milling machine development soon, turret and gantry type two kinds. Workbench for longitudinal and lateral movement of the former, the tool turret head up and down. The latter's spindle for horizontal and up and down movement, workbench for longitudinal motion. Woodworking machinery ornamental engraving and milling machine is mainly used for forming on the surface of the sheet metal engraving and milling.
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