What is the numerical control woodworking lathe turning process?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-05
Numerical control woodworking lathe after a period of rapid development, has entered a stable period, and now with the domestic demand policy, make the development of numerical control woodworking lathe again entered a golden period of time, although before the big development in technology is relatively simple, and its production of the quality of the product is not very high, but the development is a qualitative leap. For now on the market now sell the CNC woodworking lathe with the ordinary is not different, but generally is similar, but it also has a little of their own personality, that is, it is a clamping can finish turning work automatically and continuously. What need to pay attention to when the lathe cutting conditions? First of all, these conditions include three kinds of speed, in and out of the quantity and the depth of the knife. But CNC woodworking lathe work, the speed will make knife temperature rising slowly, will bring the sword is more or less physical and mechanical wear; If the in and out of the amount is too large, can indirectly influence the cutting tool wear increases slowly, but relative to the speed, its influence still smaller; The influence of the depth under the knife, the knife is relatively small, but the choice of materials has a great impact on it, so, we want to master these factors, in order to avoid more damage, secondly according to their own needs to choose a different numerical control woodworking car. In addition it is a reasonable choice above the lathe turning to increase the number of numerical control woodworking lathe workload is very necessary, is material, and the properties of cutting and cutting conditions is its three big essential factors. And these conditions can affect the processing and use of time, the length of the cutting tool used and the quality of the processed products are qualified, and cutting conditions is a top priority.
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