What is the use of large wood grinders?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-20
The emergence of large wood crusher equipment can bring good news to which fields and face those opportunities and challenges. When we use this equipment, we will carefully examine the market and find efficiency, because our purpose is to make money, so that enterprises have production efficiency, will not lose money, then the large wood crusher can be applied to what areas? You may as well look down patiently: 1. First of all, large wood grinders can be applied to landscaping. The seasons alternate every year, the fallen leaves return to their roots, and many withered branches need to be built. Burning and stacking are not the way. At the same time, the accumulated branches are also easy to cause fires and so on. In order to prevent such incidents from happening, we can use large branch grinders to crush and effectively utilize wood resources. It is more environmentally friendly without wasting. Why not? 2. Large wood grinders can be used to crush straw in rural areas. Straw, sorghum stalk, straw, peanut shell, corncob, branches, bark and so on can be made into biomass particles after being pressurized and densified, which can replace coal burning and effectively utilize the waste resources around them, at the same time, reduce air pollution and environmental pollution caused by coal combustion; 3. The application of large wood pulverizer in papermaking, machine-made charcoal, particleboard, edible fungus industry is also a good choice, because with large wood pulverizer equipment, we don't have to worry about no sales after crushing, in the future, the wood Crusher Market will be broader and the market will gradually open up, so it is better to talk on paper than to be down-to-earth and work hard. Wood pulverizer, also called wood chipper, sawdust pulverizer and sawdust machine, is a series of special equipment for wood pulverization invented by wood processing equipment after years of research and design according to the needs of China's industrial production. Due to reasonable design, compact structure, safety, durability and high production efficiency, the effect is good after popularization and use, and the whole set of equipment is driven by only one motor, low noise, simple structure, compact layout, low price, stable work, low energy consumption, high output, good quality of sawdust products and low processing cost. 1, before the operation first check the power system, to see if there is leakage of the place. If there is, it needs to be handled in time. 2. Before the Wood pulverizer works, it is necessary to test the machine before starting the machine, that is, simply rotate the main shaft to see if the bearing is running normally, and check whether the gap between the components is firm before installation, check whether the foundation is stable and the place to be reinforced should be reinforced. 3. After starting the wood pulverizer, it should be idling 2 ~ 3 min, no abnormal phenomenon before feeding work. 4. The control switch of the wood pulverizer should be placed in a place where the operator is relatively easy to control, so as to stop the machine in time for any abnormality. 5. Do not pile up other sundries around the machine, only raw materials. 6. When feeding, according to the size of the feeding port of the equipment itself, the size of the raw material is selected. Wait for the last piece of raw materials to enter and then put in the second piece.
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