what is to be seen too many people and too little room fair exhibition of domestic manufactures.

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Wednesday afternoon. 20, 1865.
The crowd has increased, and what is crying is, \"they are still coming.
\"How those who arrive find a room in the hotel is becoming a serious problem.
Make sure that many people will come back by train or other means at night;
But it will still be crowded.
In small cities, parties are not ideal, as it is necessary to have a comfortable stay.
Number on the show-
The ground was relatively small yesterday, as many items and stocks were not placed in the early days of the day, and the police guarded the entrance of the palace, allowing the judge to perform the work without interference;
Nevertheless, there is little to be done and no department is judged.
This is almost entirely due to incomplete conditions in various departments.
In the evening, a group of anxious people lingered at the door, and many people were very disgusted with the idea of being locked out all day.
One lady said with great anger that it was shameful to be prevented from visiting the exhibition after paying the fee. The twenty-
She believes that five cents will remove all restrictions, and that no matter how judges pass through their labor, visitors should be allowed to flood the palace as they please.
To her great surprise, she found that the manager of the show was less free than she expected.
In general, both on the ground and in the city, very good order has been preserved, and a large number of special police officers are on duty.
Except that occasionally someone sees a stage actor shuttling through the crowd every once in a while, everything is sober and harmonious.
The wandering drunks will appear almost everywhere, and the crowds of prostitutes gather together, so far London is lucky and the exhibition is going on in an orderly manner.
Palace and things inside
Although the people in the railway department had not sent the goods of the exhibition, the open space was gradually filled yesterday afternoon. Now it\'s possible to form a pretty good idea of the quality and range of the display.
Filtered through the western angle of the building, the first object to attract attention was the collection of truly excellent mechanical works in the store of Hamilton Grand Western Railway.
The series consists of various parts of the locomotive, polished beautifully; car-
Spring, nut, bolt;
A sample of a double-Link safety valve and copper.
Probably never had such a more elaborate presentation, Mr. director of the Great Western Machinery Department
Samuel Sharp has presented this attractive feature in the exhibition, which is commendable.
Such a collection is a complete study for mechanics and deserves all jimcracks displayed in the form of decorations or fancy works.
Among other useful things in the palace, different samples from domestic manufacturers may be mentioned: cloth, weeds, unbleached cotton bags and other cotton products.
The cotton manufacturer is from the factory in Metz.
Dundas, WRIGHT & SON, an organization that has done a lot of work to encourage us to introduce this product.
It has been a few years since this product was not produced here, and now there are three very good factories in the province.
In this industry, it will take quite a long time to raise a lot of trade.
In recent years, Canada has made great progress in the manufacture of wool products and now has good competition with any other country.
These fabrics are not the same as cloth in the UK, but tweeds are excellent and have found a ready market in the US.
It is not good to produce better quality than the one shown in the current exhibition.
Even within a few years, the manufacture of such goods has been greatly improved.
Only a few woolen mills existed ten years ago, and these factories were limited to custom work;
Now, however, factories are increasing all over the country, and the products are huge every year.
The display of carpets, flannel and drugs is very small and rarely describes the goods being manufactured, most of which are the work of hand looms.
The yarn is also very poor, especially in dyes, the color is the worst description.
The town of Guelph has a good display of socks.
A lot of work has been done in this manufacturing, which has reached a very perfect state and is related to the mechanical weaving of wool shirts
This year there are not as many specimens as before.
The representative of the furniture department was terrible, with only a few innings, bedframes and other bedframes
Room items are being displayed.
Found the character of redemption on two beautiful birds
The most exquisite and expensive cage-
One rested in the stands and the other in the stands.
In a useful or decorative description, none of the articles about the exhibition equals these.
They were made of a cabinet. The makers of London
The machine is a bit complicated, part of it is in the palace.
For example, there is a big comb
Excellent building machine from StThomas.
It should have started in order to judge it correctly.
There is also a very useful leather roller and a woodboring machine;
Also, we have two very ordinary manual fire trucks, none of which require additional notice.
Advertising for pottery shows-
Two major collections on display-
Definitely good for this country.
Within just a few years, the branch of the manufacturer appeared, and it was fair to achieve perfection quickly.
The description of stone products is very good, and the lighter pottery looks promising.
They may not be able to compete with the famous British or American pottery manufacturers, but as the beginning of a huge and profitable trade, they will not be despised, because the manufacture of pottery will be carried out in Canada soon.
At a large exhibition or World Expo in 1851, Canada canceled the Edge Tool Award, which came from the manufacturer of Mr. H. DATE, Galt.
It is said that the collection cannot be excellent.
Of course, it\'s easy to show tableware in the UK, but producing a complete set of edge tools, such as those commonly used in the US, from regular axes to fine shaving
The knife is beyond the reach of British craftsmen.
It needs a Canadian to show how this can be done;
So he succeeded.
Here he has a case of tools, however, the case does not occupy a very conspicuous place due to their late arrival.
The gentleman also introduced a variety of saws.
Joseph Flint, St. Catharines.
This is an admirable series that covers a variety of sizes from large round grinding saws to minimal use.
It is almost impossible for large factories in the United Kingdom and the United States to surpass these truly most trustworthy specimens.
Here are some new and useful inventions. One is a flour-
Sieve, turning by hand, has many advantages over sieve, because it screens flour or meals faster than any other process and can be used for screening sauces and brewing of wines;
It is easy to split into pieces for cleaning and can be considered a useful household item.
It\'s from C. Sherbrook. E.
There are not many chemical products and preparations;
Still, there are several varieties of articles in this line-
Pine fat coal
Oil, flax seeds and other oils.
Specimens of coal-
From London to coal, oil is less than expectedoil districts.
In addition to these plants, there are a large number of medicines and other native plants.
The gallery that rises to the top of the stairs on the right, is a lady\'s department composed of beads
Work, knitting, crochet embroidery, hair-
Working, viewing needle and spinning work.
This part of the building is very full, and ladies can boast that there are the best displays in the building so far.
There are many decorative works here, some of which are very beautiful.
A work of spinning wool, the frame is exquisite, represents the historical scene, has aroused people\'s great attention.
Number is life.
Size, and appears in the distance more like a pencil than a needle.
This part of the exhibition is a perfect Fairy Palace, and visitors will naturally linger if possible.
There are a large number of local and foreign insects nearby, beautifully arranged and clear.
The species of butterflies are amazing enough to scare any one\'s nerves, and he reflects how much time he wasted chasing them in his student days.
The scale of many of them is a miracle, and some of them are as large as they are --sized bats.
Getting ladies and butterflies together at the show is a pretty lucky idea.
There are many collections in the UK, and the rarest ones are also available.
The art department is by no means the least conspicuous.
In fact, this is in good contrast to the situation of the lady, and many fair competitors have entered the list.
It was questioned whether the department was completely inappropriate in the agricultural exhibition, but the arts commission was associated with the agricultural commission and the result was to bring together vertu\'s articles, which included the production of easels.
Renault, van Dyk, Western or Tennessee people may be disdainful to show their best pictures with farm produce, but in such a new country, where, art is fighting for an existence, and its devotees can do nothing but maintain the body and co-sell through their labor, these annual exhibitions offer a little encouragement to the competition of professionals and amateurs in order to produce favorable results.
The prizes offered are really small, and it is said to be $36 for a specimen horse, and the best historical painting is only $12, which is ridiculous;
But it should be kept in mind that exhibitions are essentially agricultural in nature and that it is a concession to accept art.
It is a pity that Canadian art has not received much encouragement because there are indeed some excellent painters here.
In this regard, the growth of taste is naturally slow, and it is difficult for a colony to count on the greatness of an ancient nation in artistic works.
There are quite a few pictures on the exhibition, mainly the collection of Capt.
Caddies in HamiltonMr.
Huron, Creswell. and Mr. WHALE, Buford.
The first scene was a rape of some very good land in the water.
Color and compete with Mr.
CRESSWELL on the same line.
These photos are very admired, especially by the animal community. Mr.
The whales have a strange scene in India and do very well.
There is also the head portrait of an Indian warrior, a portrait, and several sketches.
There are several good specimens in the wax drawing; one, a battle-
Gilbert is very good at the Toronto scene or the latter description.
Miss Gibbon in Toronto
Miss Robertson of Coburg
Miss Combs in London showed some admirable pencil drawings. C. F.
Lucan PASHLEY showed a portrait of a lady in pencil drawing and did it beautifully.
Some beautiful marble statues are shown here;
It\'s also a boy carved out of woodworking equipment. E.
Edwards in Toronto
A large number of photos, including the London company, were on display, with beautiful frames and a large size photo was made. Mr.
Fergen in London has shown several unique scenes at the bosivette well. Messrs.
Thomas Russell and his son from the UK showed a case of a watch and Observatory manufacturer that didn\'t look like it was for the exhibition, but to bring them into Canada, and the series was small but apparently good.
Sending an agent for this purpose is a new experiment, but with the watch winning the first prize at the World Expo in 1862, perhaps one would think, seeing them here alone is enough to cause sales.
On the cheap side, they can hardly bear to compare with American goods now sold at such a low price.
Practical printers can hardly find ads here that interest him, although there are attempts to do so every year.
The presentation of printed specimens is very limited and does not exceed simple manual and blank work.
Although there are many institutions in the country, there is no competition and there is only one or two exposure samples.
Two samples of the print paper, Messrs, are shown.
BUNTIN from Gillis
Won the first prize in Montreal.
Samples of color, writing and wrapping paper and envelopes are displayed;
It\'s good, but not a lot.
A gentleman exhibited two boxes of wood. W.
Bissell in London
This is an unknown commercial branch of Canada so far, and it is very commendable.
It is said that the manufacturer is doing fair and limited business. The New-
The manufacturers of York will have to pay attention to their honor. Mr.
Chadwick in Toronto showed some wonderful title pages and episodes; and Mr.
De barals in Quebec, perhaps the best and most expensive binding specimen on the continent.
This is a replica of Dante\'s hell and won the first prize at this summer\'s Dublin exhibition. Mr.
Toronto\'s Robinson presents a beautiful \"living room cro ball\", a complete arrangement to play games on a neat venue
A board completed in a billiards manner-
Table, just move like a step Highboard.
This is a very neat thing.
A pyramid of shells, exquisite and artistic, has attracted wide attention in this department.
There are several shell specimens in the decorations. they are all good.
Therefore, it takes too much space to list the main features of all palaces.
A version of the file was printed on page 2 of the New York edition on September 24, 1865, titled: there are too many exhibitions in domestic manufacturing and the space is too small.
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