What kind of numerical control woodworking lathe processing staircase column

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
Numerical control woodworking lathe is now the main use of wood processing industry equipment, with high efficiency, less human labor, processing product quality higher several advantages. Now on the market of CNC woodworking lathe manufacturers more and more, the kinds of lathe is also more and more. Small make up today is to introduce for you what kind of numerical control woodworking lathe processing staircase column. Prior to know about the models, numerical control woodworking lathe uniaxial model, a single pole and double pole, on this basis, also can add sculpture axis, is a utility vehicle pull one. The maximum said uniaxial single-pole car diameter, can to 400 mm ( Has the wood lathe machine to processing large column, there is no analytical) Double pole, single axis woodworking car to car a diameter of 300 mm material. In contrast, the double processing material finish is better, because it is a rough a fine knife interactions. First of all, the first to see what kind of post customer needs processing. Post processing such as stairs, columns are finished car pull carving a whole locomotive after carving. So, the customer if there is such processing demand requires car pull carved CNC woodworking lathe. Some customers think of biaxial high machining efficiency, can a car two stair columns. If biaxial use at the same time, both the diameter of the car is not greater than 160 mm. Biaxial wood lathe, the material requirements directly is more, if the customer does not need to processing are coarse material words can consider using two-axis. Biaxial also has a single-pole double, as well as the car pulled one of the models. Is stair columns above which the entire contents of the numerical control woodworking lathe processing need, if you have questions about CNC woodworking lathe, also can seek advice to us, we will give you the most satisfactory answer.
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