what’s boring around 60th street

by:Gewinn     2019-08-07
What we read elsewhere . . . . . . What is the rumble below 60 Street and Lexington Avenue? It’s a tunnel-
The boring machine of the east side Passage project, when it goes to 38 th Street, eats 50 feet of the rock and dirt every day.
According to the Metropolitan Transport Authority, it has dug 1,350 feet so far.
Just 5,850 feet. [Streetsblog]
The secrets of the Latin masters. Happy Hannukah. [
Eating a Manhattan blog
New York City has \"the most concentrated bad pizza in the universe. ” [Gridskipper]
A video of a woman beating a man on a train that was turned into a \"neat little interactive game --Blanking bag.
Gothamist has raised the stakes by calling it \"Metro Wilding. ” [
Smoking Gun, Gothamist]
\"Troopergate\" beat \"Choppergate\" as a Google search term \".
What does this mean for a public relations war between governments?
Elliot Spitzer and Senator Joseph Bruno? [The Politicker]
A Christian Lacroix store opened in Manhattan for the first time. [WWD. com]
A Red Hook company makes furniture from woodworking equipment recovered from 100year-
Old building in Brooklyn[Green Brooklyn]
What is the best autonomous city for children?
Brooklyn, of course. [andamom. com]
This Italian calendar shows the cuteness of the coffin of 2008, leaving a deep impression on an advertising blog in New York. [Copyranter]
Office party time is up.
The first thing we need is a chimpanzee in a Santa suit. [Intel Daily
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I can\'t wait to sleep.
Become another gentle place in Brooklyn.
He should know more about it than he did.
When the school is open, there is a good reason for the police to take the subway.
If he takes out the pistol and shoots at them, it will cause an uproar of anger.
Instead, he was just another victim who had the right to accept the attack.
That\'s the first reason I left Brooklyn.
Outrageous rent, noise and 9/11 of anxiety didn\'t help much, but in order to avoid the square, had to leave the side of the road and watch the elderly standing on buses and trains while the mob was lazily standing, while keeping an eye on my business, there are so many close contacts that facilitate the transaction.
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