what\'s in a name? for metro\'s tunnel machine, it may be a famous woman in history

by:Gewinn     2019-08-21
Huge drills to dig into subway tunnels usually don\'t cause much excitement.
But Los Angeles County transportation officials hope to be in a recent purchase of equipment.
Called a tunnel drill-
A little less, uh, boring. The 8. 5-mile, $2-
The billion Crenshaw line that will connect Baldwin Hill to Westchester includes two 1-
Miles tunnel that will connect the next three stations: Expo/Crenshaw, Martin Luther King Jr.
And Leimert Park.
Earlier next year, the drill will be lowered into the ground, and each tunnel will take about a year to dig.
But officials said the excavator had to have a name before that.
They said the mining equipment, named after women, was a tradition dating back to the age of 1500, when miners went to St.
Barbara wants to keep them safe underground.
The subway will let the public choose the name.
Voting on the agency\'s website will continue until December. 1.
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As part of Los Angeles, the last rail line on the Crenshaw Avenue corridor was connected on 1955. A.
Huge network of street cars.
Here are the names that Metro is considering, submitted by students from District High School: Lorena: For Lorena Weaver, this is one of the first women in Los Angeles to drive a bus: for the waste slaves who lived in the 19th-century TruthMaya: For the poet and for the authorMaya AngelouEleanor: First Lady Eleanor RooseveltHarriet: Underground railway conductor TubmanM Harriet. A. C. (Make A Change)
: The suggestione refers to \"making traffic easier for teenagers and others who don\'t have a car or bike,\" onestudent wrote in her statement: for Sally \"the new rail line should always remind the world that the region has a rich culture,\" an article by her neighbor Leimert ParkRosa: civil rights activist Rosa ParksAthena: greek goddess of wisdom and military priests from all over the world named the tunnel
The boring machine after the woman, including the widow of a sugar tycoon (Big Alma)
Members of the British royal family
Victoria and Elizabeth)
And the stars in martial arts novels (
Little Dragon Girl, or \"Little Dragon Girl \").
Many of them have their own Twitter accounts.
The most famous, or most notorious, is Bertha, a excavator that failed under Seattle two years ago.
The machine is called forBertha Knight Landes, who served as mayor of Seattle from 1926 to 1928 ---
The first woman to hold this position in a major American city.
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