What's the difference between the layout of the numerical control woodworking lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-23
Numerical control woodworking lathe is in the wood lathe application on the technology of automatic control system and CNC system, CNC woodworking lathe has the characteristics of wood lathe do not have, on the production efficiency is greatly improved. Largely depends on its layout, the layout of the so what? Actually, the layout of the numerical control woodworking lathe with the layout of the engine lathe is basically consistent. The main change is on the head and guide rail, and so it was with the layout of a direct impact on the performance of the numerical control woodworking lathe and appearance. Numerical control woodworking lathe tool post layout tool post layout divided into two major categories of rotary tool rest and row type tool rest. At present more than two coordinates linkage CNC lathe using rotary tool post, there are two forms of it on the machine layout. One is used for processing plate parts rotary tool post, the rotating shaft is parallel to the main shaft; Another kind is used for manufacturing axial and plate parts rotary tool carrier, the rotating shaft is perpendicular to the axis. Numerical control? The layout of the Chinese New Year song lathe guide the layout of the flat bed. Its good manufacturability, easy to guide the processing. Horizontal lathe bed with horizontal tool post, can improve the movement precision of the tool carrier. This layout can be used for large or small precision CNC lathe CNC lathe. But the horizontal lathe bed due to the lower part of the space is little, so the chip removal difficult. Looked from the structure size, rest placed so that slide transverse size is longer, thus make the structure of the machine tool width size. The layout of the flat bed inclined slide. This layout form characterized by the good horizontal lathe bed manufacturability on one hand, on the other hand, the size of the machine tool width direction is horizontal configuration skateboard is smaller, and chip removal is convenient. Numerical control woodworking lathe as a result of the general wood lathe on layout, on the machining precision and quality is better than the general lathe to raise a lot of times, now for numerical control woodworking lathe in woodworking industry vigorous development. At the same time it also constantly improve on technology and improved in order to adapt to the diversity of wood processing requirements.
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