what’s up with elon musk? the once visionary genius is now more often seen as an erratic blowhard

by:Gewinn     2019-09-15
Six months ago.
Basic accuracy-
The descriptors often used by Elon Musk are almost embarrassing in their grandeur: Giants, tycoons, inventors, tycoons, engineers, geniuses, visionary, space pioneers, revolutionary.
At the age of 47, his idea has been achieved in an amazing way: SpaceX, a private company that conquers commercial space travel and is developing manned interstellar space flights; Tesla Inc.
Manufacturers of fashion electric vehicles;
PayPal, the main online payment system;
There are many other projects.
On 2016, Musk wrote on Twitter: \"Traffic drives me crazy.
I\'m going to build a tunnel rig and start digging \"and then, actually, start the creation of the Boring Company
Network of tunnels under crowded cities.
But 2018 is a strange and difficult year for Musk.
In recent months, adjectives around Musk have changed dramatically in a less grand direction: unstable, changeable, unstable, unpredictable, and difficult to boast.
His recent use of Internet memes to raise people\'s eyeballs and fuel is a tortuous two-hour, live-
In a video interview with comedian Joe Logan on YouTube, Musk is wearing a T-shirt
The shirt features the slogan \"Occupy Mars\", smoking marijuana, waving samurai knives and flamingos, and meditating on the future of the end of the world and artificial intelligence, he said, as a child, he wants to know if he\'s because \"never-
End the explosion of ideas.
His advice to the audience is that, given the recent events, he may benefit from more of himself.
Reflection: \"spend more time with friends and less time on social media.
\"It makes many people wonder what\'s going on with Elon Muskin May, and his techiness has dramatically demonstrated Tesla\'s financial performance in front of investors, analysts and the media.
In a conference call with analysts and journalists, he shrugged off inquiries about ways to make a profit and interrupted a question, saying: \"The next step.
Boring questions are not cool.
Then he spoke to the media.
\"A website will be created where the public can rate the core truth of any article and track the credibility scores of each journalist, editor and publication,\" Musk said on Twitter . \".
\"Thinking about calling it Pravda,\" he added with the name of the former Soviet propaganda machine.
In the same month, another Tweeter slammed the union at Tesla.
\"Why pay union dues and give up stock options for free \"-
The United Auto Workers filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Commission alleging that he had illegally threatened that workers would be deprived of their benefits if they joined the Union. (
Tesla responded that Musk just pointed out that other UAW union workers
The auto maker of the agent does not accept stock options. )
Then, in July, Musk became a ridiculed figure, when the world was shocked by the dangerous rescue operation of a boy football team in a flooded cave complex in Thailand.
With the implementation of the rescue plan, Musk sent SpaceX and Boring Co.
The engineer helped, suggested using an inflatable tube like a long \"Inflatable Castle\" that might help and then start building a \"kid --
Take the trapped boy to a safe place.
The early excitement of his involvement soon faded.
The person in charge of the rescue said that Musk\'s technology was \"not practical in this mission\", but with the smooth progress of the rescue work, Musk arrived at the cave with a prototype submarine, the submarine was not successfully used for extraction, making the tech master an awkward bystander.
Musk was called \"distraction\" by the rescue company\"
A British diver thinks Musk\'s interest is just a \"PR stunt \".
Musk then fought back on Twitter, claiming to his 22 million fans that the diver was a pedophile, calling him \"pedo guy \".
When asked about the evidence to support the claim, he replied, \"I bet it\'s true . \"
Divers are suing.
Musk did not retreat.
Twitter user Andrew Geddis summed up his reaction to an unpleasant ending --
Such a warm rescue story: \"It has to be said that Elon Musk did a great job of making me never want to buy Tesla.
He tried to change the feeling.
The good story of this year has turned into complaining that his genius is not properly respected.
The New York Times headlines quickly avoided all the usual gushing descriptions, simply saying, \"Elon Musk thinks he can solve everything.
But some of Musk\'s recent actions are getting closer to his core business.
On August, Musk shocked the business community through his Twitter account and wrote on Twitter: \"I am considering privatizing Tesla for $420.
Get funds.
Investors and analysts have fallen into a degree of confusion.
This tweet triggered the United States. S.
Survey of Class A securities
Shares fell after investors filed a lawsuit.
In a subsequent interview, Musk said he was exhausted, worked long hours, had insufficient sleep, was taking sleeping pills and was frustrated with the request to run a listed company.
This is not what every investor wants to hear.
Two executives left Tesla on Friday, including chief accounting officer Dave Morton, who resigned less than a month after taking office on the grounds that the company had been \"public\"
Tesla shares have experienced a roller coaster trading day.
On Friday, through Tesla\'s media affairs office, Musk was asked to be interviewed for the article, but no response was received.
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