What stair column are used to process

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, great changes have taken place in various industry, woodworking industry is no exception. Today's wood industry is different from yesterday, the efficiency of processing way has changed a lot. Woodworking like stair column before the job is very difficult, but now use woodworking CNC lathe processing is simple, the use of high efficiency and high precision is one of the traditional mechanical can't than. Woodworking CNC programming of CNC lathe is the main content of the reserve, the nc machining parts including the analysis of the pattern, determine the machining process. Trajectory calculation of blade, tool running data, finally input program, through the test operation, the first part carry on the processing, have a look at how the processing of product quality, if pass in the batch processing. Woodworking CNC lathe the advantages of manual programming: it is mainly used for positioning processing, can achieve any geometric collided simpler parts processing, program period is limited, it is very convenient to implement, programmer better understand processed, thus more conducive to product processing. Shortcomings, for machining complex parts, to calculate the properties of trajectory is very difficult, very large amount of calculation and easy mistakes, and very difficult to check the result of right and wrong, there are a lot of manual programming was unable to complete. Introduces the manual programming of CNC lathe more than knowledge, hope to be of help. Manual into woodworking CNC lathe refers to all stages of programming with artificial to complete, use common computing tools, through all kinds of calculation method of the data, the artificial calculation of blade path for coding and system related instructions. This way is simple, very easy to grasp, are more extensive applicability, suitable for relatively simple procedure calculation, calculate the need very familiar with the operation of the machine tool. Woodworking CNC lathe manual programming steps: by artificial to complete parts processing of numerical control technology, analysis required for processing parts drawings, and then the relevant decisions, determine the machining tool motion path, and make the corresponding instruction coding. Woodworking CNC lathe is essential of mechanical machining now, in many machinery factory, or among electronics factory can see a lot of numerical control lathe processing products.
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