What types of automatic polishing machine polishing wheel

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
Automatic polishing machine must use the polishing wheel and is polishing wheel polishing machine, automatic polishing parts directly. Therefore, the polishing wheel directly affect the polishing efficiency and quality. Today, we would like to show you in automatic polishing machine used in what kind of polishing wheel. Is usually used in automatic polishing machine polishing wheel is cloth wheel or glue wheel, its fabric by dozens of layer agglutination, and the outer surface according to different craft specification gluing one or more hard particles. There are made of special fabric cloth wheel, such as nylon fiber or fabric, they are not adhesive and hard particles. Separate polishing machine polishing wheel according to the skeleton materials: 1, cotton polishing wheel, felt polishing wheel 2 3 four, nylon, leather polishing wheel and polishing wheel 5, paper, polishing wheel and polishing wheel paper cloth. Automatic polishing machine polishing machine polishing wheel can also be classified according to the characteristics of production methods, and use. 1, the stitched cloth wheel: multi-purpose fine, soft cotton cloth sewn, disc and airfoil, suitable for polishing the complex artifacts, or for small workpiece fine polishing. 2, stitching types: are usually made of coarse cloth, linen and fine plain cloth. Suture can be concentric circular spiral and the form of direct radiation. Polishing various coatings and simple shape is better. 3, fold: 45 & deg; Tilt, be ring fold, with a metal disc, ventilation rate,, heat, cooling, etc. Suitable for polishing large workpiece. 4, felt wheel: made of pure wool pile length is long, compact structure. , pore is very small, not like fabric, it is restricted by warp and weft, wearability. Automatic polishing machine polishing wheel according to the distance of sutures, polishing wheel has a soft, hardness. Sutures the smaller the distance, the polishing wheel is hard. And the fabric of polishing wheel is directly affected by the polishing wheel hardness. In order to make the softer in polishing wheel, polishing wheel should set aside enough distance between sewing thread and flange ( Don't suture) 。 Polishing also USES large workpiece polishing wheel with special air cooling device.
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