When buying a numerical control woodworking machinery should be how to test

by:Gewinn     2020-04-14
In this era of science and technology developed, woodworking machinery and CNC technology have got very good combination, achieved wood autometic large-lot production. So now the numerical control woodworking machinery market economy is getting better and better, merchants of numerical control woodworking machinery on the market more and more, but there is no lack of among them of unscrupulous merchants. So when we buy CNC woodworking machinery should be how to test? Below small make up teach you. 1, exterior surface should not have pattern for convex, concave, rough and other defects. 2, shield should level off, should not be warped, highlight and sag. 3, spare parts exposed in combination with the edges should be neat, symmetrical, the wrong side and not allow weighing should not exceed the prescribed. Door, combined with the equipment surface should be nicely, except as otherwise provided by the product standard or technical documents, the joint gap values should not be greater than rules. 4, the exposed surface of the parts should not have knock against, rust, screws, rivets, pin end may not be sprain, defects such as hammer injury. 5, the metal wheel rim and longitudinal handle surface should be rust layer. 6, plating parts, blue, black color should be consistent, protective layer can not have faded, falls off phenomenon. 7, electric, hydraulic, lubrication, cooling and exposed pipes for plastic box of thermal system, should be compact, neat, easy to operation and maintenance, application of pipe clamp fixed when necessary. 8, the exposed parts raw surface should be coated with paint. 9, all kinds of signs should be clear and durable, designer should be fixed in the obvious position. The sign of the fixed position should be correct, smooth and firm, not skewed. 10, exposed the weld should trim flat, smooth. 11, into the sink hole screw should not highlight parts surface, between the head and sink holes should not have obvious eccentric, fixed pin shall generally be slightly prominent and workpiece surface, bolt end should be slightly prominent and nut facing. Above is the numerical control woodworking machinery inspection product of 11 items, hope to be of service.
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