When numerical control woodworking lathe machining tool toward god

by:Gewinn     2020-04-18
With the development of electronic technology, computer technology and automation and progress, a new mechanical and electrical integration of machine tool production -- — Numerical control woodworking lathe. Numerical control woodworking lathe turning processing personnel all know this sentence, 'Turner a knife, the importance of visible tool for lathe, one of the most important is facing problems when processing tool. Below small make up take you know about the CNC woodworking lathe machining lathe tool tip should toward where. Install knife - — It the least likely to concern. But in the processing of wood, we are installing a tool, not only to pay attention to the extended length of tool with rigid can satisfy the processing need, also want to consider the installation Angle of the cutting tool is reasonable, at the same time also to meet point strictly on the workpiece rotation center of the problem. Why turning point to strictly on the rotation of the numerical control woodworking lathe center? Most of us have such experience: 'the car, the cylindrical turning tool tip slightly higher than that of numerical control woodworking lathe center of rotation is better'. When they understood as: coarse car's purpose is to quickly remove machining allowance, its machining precision general requirements is not high, so we need to increase the strength of the cutting head, increase the cutting parameter to improve the production efficiency, but also guarantee the tool life, prolongs the service life of cutting tools and other benefits, and all of these, as long as the rotation center point slightly higher than that of the numerical control woodworking lathe can achieve the above purpose, thus this sentence has been deeply rooted in the subconscious, but when to finish machining cylindrical turning tool should strictly on numerical control woodworking lathe, the center of rotation of this issue but most people didn't go deep consideration! In the senior latheman skills training 'also mentioned: when the processing of wood turning point not higher than the center of rotation of the workpiece, can be a little below the center of rotation of the workpiece, but below size no more than one over thirty of the diameter of the workpiece. The words on the one hand because point high center after knife surface friction between machined surface and has increase will cause the decrease of the quality of the surface roughness; On the other hand also show below CNC woodworking lathe center of rotation of the tool, also can reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece, so it is feasible. But turning point on numerical control woodworking lathe center of rotation, but will produce certain size error. This size error we can through the following simple a turning section to illustrate. The figure shows: there are big, each a small cylindrical, including big D for processing outer diameter size, small D for machining outer diameter size, and have the AB length is greater than the length of the CD. Point higher than the center of rotation AE size, diameter is measured by car to D D, calculate the feed ( D - (d) / 2 CD long size is equal to the figure. The feed point from point A ( D - (d) / 2 dimension, the point is not on point B, but fell on the AB F, AF length is equal to the length of the CD, which has in fact processing diameter greater than the d, the exact amount of the error and point higher than that of the workpiece rotation center size AE and cutting depth ( D - (d) / 2 and artifacts related to the size of the outer diameter size, also with the Angle of many elements, such as the size of the book has a formula can be calculated. Above is the small make up to you when finishing CNC woodworking lathe processing point toward problem, hope you later in the process of machining must be strictly observed.
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