Where is the high quality custom furniture?

by:Gewinn     2020-09-23
Nowadays, custom wardrobe has become synonymous with the young fashion, more and more young people will choose to buy custom wardrobe in domestic outfit, instead of traditional wardrobe. So why popular custom wardrobe? The advantage of it?

on HaiRong woodworking machinery to provide you professional custom furniture complete sets of equipment, one-stop services, to meet your needs.

a, can be customized,
custom wardrobe can be customized according to customer the size of the room, size, design more human. It can be any design according to the requirements of subscribers, or drawer, or more partition and its integrity, optional the gender is higher.

2, can save a space
custom chest measurement will have special the designer's size, can make full use of effective space reasonably.

3, advanced manufacturing process,
and custom chest use standardized mechanical production, ensure the custom wardrobe fit and fine degree of high quality, improve its better use fixed number of year.

Shanghai double location engraving machine engraving machine, double location advantages, the double location woodworking engraving machine which good
rated voltage: 380 v feed speed: 100 m/min maximum processing length: 6000 largest processing thickness: 200 processing. 。

custom wardrobe, plank healthy environmental protection USES mostly solid wood particleboard, part of the brand and even use love case board or Malaysia board ( Meet or exceed national environmental standards) , the materials are imported from Europe 100% of 0 aldehyde panels. On HaiRong woodworking machinery for you recommendation:

Shanghai fully automatic CNC cutting board type furniture center automatic feeding blanking punching machine automatic line:
the rated voltage 380 v feed speed: 40 m/min maximum processing length: 2500 largest processing thickness: 200 processing customization. 。

5, the price is relatively cheap compared with the traditional wardrobe,
custom chest slightly higher price, but the use fixed number of year is far higher than that of traditional wardrobe, so in the long run, more cost-effective custom wardrobe.
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