Where machinery requires constant maintenance

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
Machinery to be used for a long time, just like a person's skin to need maintenance, but the maintenance we want to do with it before a comprehensive overhaul and then suit the remedy to the case, such ability won't lead to grasping. So a mechanical we mainly to overhaul its what aspects? Woodworking machinery factory to explain: 1. Conveyor belt conveyor belt, note embellish the fat, check rail straightness. 2. Gear reducer to check whether the gear oil in the cabinet in the standard position, shell and whether there is oil on the seals imagine, check whether the oil temperature in normal temperature. 3. Motor and frequency converter parameters is correct, voltage and frequency is normal. 4. Check the inverter parameters are correct, voltage and frequency is normal. 5. Repair the machine circuit magnetic switch and travel switch is normal. 6. Repair the machine if there is a loose bolt, contour plate for wear and bearing damage or deformation. 7. Repair glue pot glue normal do you have any glue leakage, and hot plate and the thermostat heating is normal.
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