Which is more environmentally friendly, solid wood multi-layer board or ecological board?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-16
Most of the common wardrobes on the market are multi-layer solid wood boards and ecological boards. So, which one is more environmentally friendly between the two boards, and how should we choose? 1. Solid wood multi-layer board solid wood multi-layer board is made of three layers or multi-layer veneer or thin plate through high temperature and high pressure of wood adhesive. Multi-layer plywood is crisscrossed and arranged, and the surface is made of solid wood adhesive or scientific and technological Wood. It has the advantages of small deformation, high strength, good internal quality and good flatness, and can produce 5-40mm different thickness of the laminate. After being decorated with melamine, the surface of the board has the texture and hand feeling of natural and real wood. Solid wood multi-layer board: Although the environmental protection cannot be compared with solid wood board, after high temperature and high pressure, PVC is sealed on all sides, so that the formaldehyde emission meets the national standard requirements, and most of them can reach E1 grade. Solid wood multi-layer board: it is pressed with multi-layer veneer, so the structural stability is very good, not easy to deform, waterproof and stability are very good. The strength of solid wood multi-layer board is mainly related to the base layer of the board. For each additional layer, the strength of the trimming machine will be correspondingly enhanced, but the price will also increase accordingly. MJ296A pneumatic cross saw check before Operation (1) Before using MJ296A pneumatic cross saw, a detailed and comprehensive inspection must be carried out to ensure safe operation; (2) Check whether the installation of the machine is correct, and correct any missing or wrong installation in time; (3) Check whether each safety protection device is correct, firm and reliable; (4) Check whether the transmission parts and connecting parts of the machine tool are fastened; (5) Check whether the saw blade is firmly installed and whether the direction and rotation direction of the saw blade are correct; (6)Check whether the air source and power supply are normal; (7)There are no sundries around the machine tool to hinder the operation. The hydraulic motor clamping mechanism used in the machine has the characteristics of stable movement, large torque and high efficiency. The four-cylinder pressing device makes the surface of the workpiece smoother and improves the working quality and efficiency. The board is suitable for wood processing enterprises such as furniture and Integrated Materials. It has the characteristics of wide specifications for processing workpieces, low requirements for raw materials and high efficiency. It is widely used in wood production enterprises. The board should be used under the actual environment and operating conditions specified below (1) Humidity temperature: the humidity of the operating environment of the panel machine should be 30% ~ Within 90%; The ambient temperature should be at 0- 45 ℃, and the principle of temperature change is that condensation should not be caused; (2)Dust concentration shall not be greater than 10 mg/m3; (3) Atmospheric Environment: no salt, sour gas, corrosive gas, combustible gas and oil mist; (4) Avoid environmental temperature changes caused by direct sunlight or thermal radiation; (5)The installation position should be far away from the vibration source; (6)The installation location should be far away from inflammable and explosive materials; (7)There shall be no conductive dust in the factory building of the plate assembly machine; (8)There shall be no rain or snow in the factory building of the plate machine; (9)The ground is flat, clean and free of debris; (10)The aisle is unblocked and there are no obstacles;
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