Why buy nc reciprocating saws, reciprocating saws have what good, how to choose choose the nc reciprocating saw

by:Gewinn     2020-09-22
Nc reciprocating saw is using automatic touch control, man-machine integration operations, the touch screen input need cutting data, start the machine, the machine run automatically on board for the machining of precision cutting machinery. Nc reciprocating saws using manipulator stuffing, electronic scale, the size of the electromagnetic measurement, high precision servo system for precision positioning and precision compensation. Saw a car can run smoothly in the linear guide, in the effective protection of transverse cutting effect at the same time, greatly improving the work efficiency. An electronic cutting saw can save 10 workers, the equivalent of six precision push Taiwan saw the efficiency. Nc reciprocating saw another characteristic is the cutting process of the operation is simple, so green hand operation, a teaching will, can for enterprises to save, please open the material master labor costs! Could lead to 6 calculation, it has saved 10 people, 1 wages to around 4000 yuan, has saved around $500000 a year, power consumption and save a lot of, what's more, now operating workers hard to find to be a common phenomenon, it's not. Its high efficiency, high precision, high security for enterprises to save more cost. Mass production and reciprocating saw security, is the necessary machinery.
sheet metal automatic detection, cutting the sheet after quickly back to the original working condition. Cutting speed is controlled by frequency converter, the sheet with different thickness and different materials can be overcome. Feed adopts pneumatic floating bead mesa, thick sheet as easily.
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