Why do you want to use automatic sanding machine?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-19
Automatic sanding machine and polishing machine is the same term. They all refer to a physical method to delete some materials and objects are not even, uneven thickness, do not conform to the requirements of the process, such as emery cloth, grinding wheel, abrasive paper, cleaning cloth and non-woven polishing wheel, to make it smooth and uniform thickness, and make it conform to the technical standards. Suitable for all kinds of veneer process of production and standards. Structure hardware, toys and crafts industry, decoration and furniture, floor and wall building materials industry, etc. “ Sanding machine & throughout; As the name suggests, is used to complete the sanding work of mechanical equipment, has a very wide range of industries involved, an extremely wide range, but the personage inside course of study generally called sanding machine with automatic feeding system, the other is called belt machine, grinding machine, polishing machine, etc.
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