why is a table saw quiet but a circular saw loud?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-16
Because of the type of motor used, the saw will produce more noise.
There is a universal motor inside the saw, which is very noisy.
Universal motors are called \"universal\" because they are happy to turn off AC or DC power.
Circular saw using brush
General Motor type.
General Motors are also used for vacuum cleaners, routers and electric drills.
These motors make such a noise due to the friction of the brush on the slotted boom.
In the saw and drill bit, the Gear Noise will also be generated.
Something similar to a radial arm saw or a table saw uses an induction motor.
The induction motor operates only on AC power and does not use a brush-
This is the main reason why they are so quiet.
They also run slower, often using belt drives instead of gear drives.
Manufacturers use universal motors because they are smaller and lighter than induction motors.
According to AMETEK\'s professional Motor: The weight varies greatly ---
It is almost unusable if the circular saw contains an induction motor.
If you have a quiet appliance, it may have an induction motor.
Ceiling fans and refrigerator compressors use induction motors.
It\'s always a good idea to wear ear protection when using loud power tools ---
Even a quiet radial arm saw makes a noise once it starts chewing a piece of wood.
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