Why wood polishing machine is widely used

by:Gewinn     2020-06-19
Wood polishing machine developed during the past two years is a new type of equipment. Currently widely used in the wooden door, closet door, picture frames and other external sculpture, and then use polisher and polishing groove. It can also be used for polishing and saving paint primer before. Has good iuster, after spray paint spray paint after fine grinding can also be used in polishing polishing machine, greatly saves the manpower, the uniformity of grinding product is greatly improved, saving labor costs, the carpenter work is a good helper. Wood polishing machine, also called different polishing machine, already can polishing plane, polishing groove surface. At present, the widely used woodworking polisher, easy to use, frequency converter is used to dispatch polishing roll speed. In order to achieve required product function and can be used for density board and solid sheet, stickers, polishing, primer, substrate available wood polishing machine polishing, save labor costs, improve the quality of the tourism products. The width of the polishing machine and the number of roller is optional. General polishing machine is the sisal roller, plus or minus to roll or two roll as a group, the positive and negative direction of grinding, polishing surface more lubrication. Wood polishing machine when use requires careful maintenance: 1, bearings, transmission chain refueling on time; 2. To clean up the powder after each shift. 1 in the using process. Don't across the range of processing; Article 2, yarn, polishing, grinding objects, prevent the sisal can achieve useful polishing effect, and can reduce the cost of consumables; 3. Polishing of different products, with a batch of products should be the same thickness, in order to achieve the best polishing effect.
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