Wood cabinets, wardrobe, custom furniture double location what is the advantage of drilling holes machining center?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
Wood cabinets, wardrobe, custom furniture double location what is the advantage of drilling holes machining center? Double location CNC drilling processing center processing complexity of the machine is suitable for diversified products, features extensive: ornamental engraving and milling, drilling, cutting, side milling, cutting; Can realize the double location processing, machine location operation, two location can be loading operation at the same time, working time, increase work efficiency and production capacity; Double location CNC drilling machining center vacuum adsorption: to do the whole plate adsorption or point to point. The whole plate processing without sawing again, as well as online cutting, loading convenient and quick, shorten the assistant time double location CNC drilling machine cutting center features: 1. The whole machine is made of high quality seamless steel structure welding, assembly interface adopts research process, the whole machine high temperature aging treatment, including columns, plate adopts aluminum casting process, strong stability. 2. Domestic 6. 0 kw high-power air cooling spindle, double spindle automatic switch, can be clamped two different cutting tools for machining step by step, at the same time equipped with drilling system, at the same time of cutting cutting can be punched, higher machining efficiency, stable operation, can give full play to the advantages of this machine is high speed. 3. High performance frequency converter, high frequency electronic anti-interference system. 4. Imported Japan yaskawa servo drive system, torque, speed, at the same time equipped with Taiwan reducer, to ensure stable running performance. 5. Adopt Taiwan SYNTEC control system, good compatibility, can be compatible with type3 / Artcam/Casrmate/wen tai and other CAD/CAM design software. Can control the complete 3 d processing, multiple level can be fast, smooth three-dimensional processing, engraving and cutting. 6. Imported 25 mm square linear guide rail, double row and four row ball slider, loading capacity is big, smooth operation, fully guarantee the machining precision and wear resistance. 7. Original Taiwan TBI import grinding high precision ball screw, the knife precision. 8. Patent design cavity vacuum adsorption mesa, minimum adsorption area of up to 150 * 150 mm, can suck can clamp the vacuum adsorption 5. 5 kw air-cooled oil-free vacuum pump, negative pressure can reach 0. 8MPa 9. YC Lord with nc machine tool machine cable used high soft shield machine cable reciprocating motion of up to 8 million times. 10. Standard direct plug connection, soft metal cable sheath. To avoid pressure, touch the cable damage. 11. The standard double spindle + drilling holes. Able to positive drilling, drilling, engraving, hollow out, milling surface, etc. Meet the needs of large and medium-sized processing enterprises
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