Wood lathe acceptance only need two parts

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
With the development of machinery industry, wood lathe now become more popular, the use of the wood lathe on the market also is varied, so now we are faced with the problem now is the problem at the time of acceptance should pay attention to what? Process of check before acceptance of nc lathe is not allow to ignore, acceptance process is divided into two parts, the first part is the pre-acceptance, pre-acceptance is to check the information provided by the supplier and spare parts, and have a look at whether to conform to the requirements of processing quality and production efficiency, using satisfaction to pre-acceptance, if not satisfied with the cases will be conferred with the manufacturer for, put forward opinions, manufacturers in a timely manner to improve. When custom new models by workers to harvest scene, we need to have a look at the packing to see if there is any breakage deformation phenomenon, if the packing is in good condition to open the packing to check, check the appearance quality of the CNC lathe, accessories and tools in the box can be tested, the test is divided into: parametric test, precision test, the idle running test, life test, load test, inspection work, each testing is qualified can be assured that the acceptance, the acceptance, these aspects are very important, must through every link
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