Wood lathe accessories accessories have?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-15
Numerical control woodworking lathe operation need different accessories, instructions is also different, we illustrate what are the main parts today! Friends must firmly remember oh, can make work more convenient! Main parts: a sharp knife, attached with a knife and within the set of the two, two knives, a box of blade, electrical complete a set of numerical control ark, a blow to rob to complete set of hex wrench, 4 cm Φ three catch chuck two, 2 cm three catch chuck Φ two, 4 cm Φ rotary's top, 2 cm two Φ rotary's top two, operating instructions. If you still want to learn more knowledge of woodworking lathe accessories, so please continue to pay attention to our company CNC woodworking lathe, we will bring you the latest information!
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