Wood lathe air compressor oil content more than how to solve

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
When we use the wood lathe, sometimes found where air compressor export oil content are many, this is how to return a responsibility? How should solve? On woodworking lathe needs gas source, gas source will need to use air compressor. Air compressor is short for air compressor, air supply device in the main body, it is the prime mover ( Usually the motor, Device that can convert the mechanical energy of gas pressure, is the pressure of compressed air generator. Air compressor export the cause of high oil content and the corresponding processing methods: 1. Air compressor export oil level is too high processing method: down to 2 green or orange oil mark area. Return pipe blockage method: back to the tubing will be removed and maintenance 3. Oil and gas separator is broken 4 replacement of new oil and gas separator. Oil return mouth nozzle blocking method: spray the oil return mouth mouth the self-contained hole 5 again. Pressure setting falls below 60 psi method: will be adjusted upward pressure.
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