Wood lathe numerical control drive the other industry upgrading

by:Gewinn     2020-04-20
The development of numerical control woodworking lathe and use, and so did the other industry grows, numerical control equipment as a decline in the cost of making numerical control woodworking machinery. Woodworking industry in China due to the popularity of numerical control technology, and gradually towards integration and intellectualization and the pace of the large-scale direction. For not only the upgrade and development of other industries, especially in the furniture industry. Numerical control woodworking lathe processing figure CNC woodworking lathe is by nc program control processing machinery and equipment. Before the numerical control technology is relatively backward in our country, most are imported foreign numerical control woodworking lathe, this not only is the cost of production to woodworking industry, foreign products is not adapt to our country the wood processing requirements, so was very limited, in recent years in our country in combination with foreign advanced technology and China's national conditions, according to the requirements, according to the characteristics of wood processing industry, woodworking industry combined with the wood products industry employees operating habits, independent research and development design patent products. This not only high efficiency but also improve the quality and precision of the products. By numerical control technology control mechanical action, the enterprise can machining cylindrical, conical, arc and spherical complex shapes of rotors wood or wood semi-finished products. Especially suitable for mass production of small and medium-sized wood industry enterprises, may at any time set shape, rapidly changing processing style. To the furniture industry, for the use of numerical control woodworking machine can reduce the furniture production process many of auxiliary mould and jig, can realize the automation of production line, labor from complex to simple and greatly reduce the labor cost, so the application of numerical control technology can obtain excess profits for furniture production enterprises. In order to continue to maintain steady growth, our furniture industry needs to popularize domestic nc furniture production line, in order to realize the low cost of mass production, improve product quality and labor productivity, and competitiveness. Installed on a device in a finish machining of work piece in turning, milling, engraving, drilling, sawing, edge banding, sanding, painting or cover multi-channel processes such as processing, furniture production of fully automated. We have to be committed to the development of solid wood furniture production of nc machining production line, such as chairs, wooden door products such as CNC machining production line. And represented by general nc ornamental engraving and milling machine of numerical control woodworking machinery era has become the past, the time has come for a mass production of furniture nc equipment. Numerical control woodworking lathe used widely not only is brought fresh blood for the furniture industry, to other industries to a lot of motivation.
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