Wood lathe of three kinds of input methods

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
Wood lathe CNC ( 电脑数值控制) System is a kind of position control system, it is the ideal trajectory based on the input data interpolation, and output to perform part of the spare part I needed to work out. Therefore, the numerical control device is mainly composed of input, process and output of three basic parts. And all the work by the computer system program to carry on the reasonable organization, coordination of the whole system to work. A) Input device: the nc instruction input to the numerical control device, according to different application carrier, the corresponding different input device. Mainly include the keyboard, disk input, CAD/CAM system of direct communication way to connect the input and the superior computer DNC ( Direct numerical control) Input, now there are still many systems still have tape input form of photoelectric reading machine. ( 1) Tape input mode. Available tape photoelectric reader read in part program, direct control of machine tool movement, can also be tape content into memory, stored in the memory for parts program controlled machine tool movement. ( 2) MDI manual data input mode. The operator can use on the operation panel of keyboard input processing program of instruction, it is suitable for short program. The control device for edit state ( EDIT) , using software input process and in the control unit of the memory, the input method is a reusable program. The general manual programming adopt this method. In the session programming function of CNC device, can according to the prompts on the display, choose a different menu, choose and employ persons machine dialogue method, input about the size of the Numbers, can automatically generate the processing procedure. ( 3) Using DNC CNC directly input mode. Keep the parts program in upper computer, CNC system processing while receiving the follow-up procedures section from the computer. DNC way to design using CAD/CAM software is more complex artifacts and directly generate program parts. 2) Information processing: input device to process information to the CNC unit, compiled into a computer can identify the information, the information processing parts in accordance with the provisions of the control program after storage and processing, step by step in position and speed through the output unit instruction to the servo system and the main motor control part. The purpose of data processing is completed the preparing work before interpolation arithmetic. Data processing program also includes cutter radius compensation, speed calculation and processing of auxiliary functions. 3) Output devices: output device is combined with servo mechanism. Output unit accept arithmetic unit output pulse by order of the controller, and send it to the coordinates of the servo control system, through the power amplifier, servo driving system, so as to control machine tools according to the specified requirements.
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