Wood lathe professional knowledge and its own characteristics

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
As we in the continuous progress of science and technology and development, our industry also gradually eliminated some inefficient machine, change the high speed, high quality machines, the development of our wood lathe industry is also relatively more quickly, we are now the wood lathe has realized the more the requirement of high speed, more suitable for the development of the enterprise, a lot of friends actually understanding of wood lathe not many, in order to let everybody to have a comprehensive understanding, small make up to understand and summarized some knowledge to share with you, let's take a look at about wood lathe professional knowledge and its own characteristics. More and more with the use of numerical control lathe, it has high rigidity 45 degrees of inclined type tubular hollow integrated bed and high rigidity, high speed, high precision spindle, it is mainly used for machining shaft, plate set, of axially symmetrical parts can complete automatically by the program control inside and outside the cylinder, cone and circular arc, thread cutting, and cutting, drilling, expanding and reaming, etc. Other numerical control lathe screw straight league and servo motor, sliding surface model or line rail, high transmission efficiency, high precision, modular design, layout reasonable, compact use convenient maintenance, suitable for high precision and size consistency requirements of batch production. And developed in recent years, the numerical control turning center and CNC milling center, make can accomplish more in a clamping processing working procedure, improve the processing quality and production efficiency, therefore particularly suitable for processing of axially symmetrical parts of complex shape. Wood lathe compared to make artificially, it has the advantage of high machining accuracy. CNC lathe is a combination of precision mechanical and automation technology, and it is controlled by computer, is free to set parameters, set up parameters after the wood lathe work will be based on what parameters, and track deviation, system can also automatically adjust. Compared to make artificially, wood lathe has the characteristics of high production. Because the wood lathe is assembly line production, so it saves on the change between the type of work, transformation process, make the full use of time. Wood lathe can not only improve the production, and in improving production at the same time can also reduce the employee's employment, because is making machine itself, workers only need to set parameters and monitoring, and so just need a few professional staff can complete the task. In this way, will save a lot of hiring fee. Use wood lathe, also can change the production environment. Because when processing cover is closed, so you don't need to worry about the processing will have sundry fly out, can maintain the cleanliness of the production environment. Wood lathe and conducive to production management, because it is an assembly line, and is controlled by program, so the processing or replacement of varieties is very convenient. And one machine can realize the process of machining, so we can reduce a lot of management personnel, and can realize unmanned production. So that the management up not so mad, very convenient. The above is about the professional knowledge of woodworking lathe and all the knowledge characteristics, in particular, some just want to friends for introduction of new friends can help.
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