Wood lathe when use the problem analysis

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
In the process of using wood lathe will come when you least expect them a lot of accidents, if we know the reason, when used to try to avoid such mistakes some people can control the accident will happen. In common use have the accident, delay production also harm the safety of workers at the same time, we only know the cause of the accident from the source to eliminate risk. Forbid fatigue homework and a lot of production accidents are because employees due to fatigue. Each worker on time to rest, only to ensure adequate sleep, to high quality work. Waste from wood lathe speed is very high, can high speed rotating, accidentally can scratch the body; Operating personnel are not familiar with the performance of the lathe and safety operation technology. If not in accordance with the safety operation procedures, and no woodworking machinery equipment installation, safety protection device or safety protection device failure is easy to cause accident. Most of the machine by hand into the feed. The main cause of this is easy to cut hands. Work or have to wear gloves. When can see that some people who use woodworking car at the same time when use of tool wear is very serious, the factors influencing wood lathe tool wear is basically the same with the factors affecting the cutting temperature. Wear decreases with the increase of the cutting tool Angle, rake Angle. But if the Angle is too large, before cooling conditions become worse, but easy to wear. The Angle increased, reducing wear and tear, but after the Angle is too large, the cooling volume decreases, and tool wear faster. The main Angle increases, cutting temperature and tool wear and tear. Cutting dosage and cutting speed on tool wear, followed by feeding, the minimum is turning back; Material of workpiece, the higher the strength and hardness of the workpiece material, cutting when the cutting force, the greater the engine lathe cutting temperature is higher, the faster tool wear. Low thermal conductivity of materials (cutting Such as stainless steel) , the cutting temperature is higher, radial drilling machine tool wear and tear. Through the above the wood lathe used to better use in the future, I hope in the future of wood lathe is in use process to better understand.
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