Wood lathe which problems need to pay attention to during the process of operation

by:Gewinn     2020-04-16
In life now, wood products, led to the development of wood processing equipment, timber on the market now, woodworking machine, woodworking milling machine woodworking equipment such as the application of the already very widely. These devices in use, the operator must follow certain procedures, to ensure normal production. Wood lathe when using, need to pay attention to the following questions. 1, the cutting tool, tool rod stretched out the length of the tool post to be shorter than 5 cm, the length of the tool rod to 50 cm. When processing large timber ( More than 50 cm in diameter) Must be on the horse pole with the cutting tool, cutting tool to clamp, feed should not be too hard. After 2, wood clamping, must turn the chuck by hand to correct, and check the cutter bar, tool post, whether the top screw is firm, and then test drive power supply is connected. 3, slender workpieces in order to ensure the safety, must use the tailstock roof top. 4, small artifacts have knot, forbid to turning, master pieces of a knot, not allowed to drive too fast, the wood have other hard objects to keep clear of in time, or are not allowed to be processed. 5, when turning the knife, feed quantity, use sandpaper emery cloth lighting, must be right in front, left hand in, forcibly even, to prevent overheating burning hands, not allowed to use hand to touch the workpiece. 6, wood lathe speed should be based on the dimension and structure of the machined part, not too high, in case of flying out of hurt.
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